FINAL 2017

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

⚡ROHIS SMAN 68 Jakarta Proudly Presents⚡


Be the greatest moslem to build a better future!

👉 “FINAL” is the Islamic competition managed by students of ROHIS SMAN 68 JAKARTA. This event invite all of senior high school students in DKI Jakarta! So, are you ready to be the winner?

📍 FINAL will be held on:
📆 Saturday, 18th February 2017
⏰ 07.00 – end
🏫 SMAN 68 Jakarta
🛤 Jl. Salemba Raya no. 18

👊🎉 Get ready to win our 8 competitions:
1. MTQ 🎶
Registration fee: 50k
(line) Ikhwan: saifuddin_mahfuz
(line) Akhwat: wulanhpsri

2. MHQ 💭
Registration fee: 50k
(line) Ikhwan: mip678
(line) Akhwat: nissaksm

3. Mading 📜✂📌
Registration fee: 80k
(line) Ikhwan: fawwasjoe
(line) Akhwat: meikaputri

4. Kaligrafi 📃✒💭
Registration fee: 50k
(line) Ikhwan: azzamhilman
(line) Akhwat: reseukiya

5. Marawis 🎼
Registration fee: 150k

(line) Ikhwan & Akhwat: ikhsannurfajar

6. Kreasi Hijab Syar’i 🚺
Registration fee: 100k
(line) Akhwat: fatinurlia / masayudinahya

7. Cerdas Cermat Islam (CCI) 📚
Registration fee: 100k
(line) Ikhwan: mghazyfa10
(line) Akhwat: nathanniia

8. Da’i 🎤📢
Registration fee: 50k
(line) Ikhwan: adikar.
(line) Akhwat: hanifamlltn

🚨 Not only competitions that are available, we also have another events:
✒ Talkshow: Pemuda Qur’an Pemuda Idaman
👉 Kembar 3 Hafidz Qur’an

✒ Moderator:
👉 Tata Khan Suharta (stand up comedian, apalagi contest MNC TV)

✒ Guest star:
👉 Nasyid 🎤 EDCOUSTIC
👉 Qori International NASHOIKHUL IBAD

✒ Bazaar📷
🚩 Open registration from 1st January – 11th February 2017 🚩

📌 Technical Meeting:
📆 Monday, 13th February 2017
⏰ 15.30 – end
🏫 SMAN 68 Jakarta
🛤 Jl. Salemba Raya no. 18

🎫 Tickets are available on the spot!

⚪ Only 15k include:
🍎 Free snack for the first 750 people!
🍎 Photobooth

Make sure to visit our social medias for all upcoming news!
✔ Instagram: @rohis68
✔ Twitter: @rohis_68
✔ Line: @ylv4257d
✔ Email:
✔️ Website:

For more information, please contact:
🔘 Zhegian:
(line) zhegianag
☎️ 08111618727
🔘 Nabil:
(line) nabilfaadillah

So, what are you waiting for? 🏁
Let’s show your abilities, come and join us. Grab the trophy as soon as possible! Visit us in great moment only at SMAN 68 Jakarta. See ya! 👐


Berikut adalah link untuk mengakses formulir pendaftaran FINAL 2017 dan undangan FINAL 2017.

Peraturan untuk tiap perlombaan juga tertera pada surat.

Wassalamu’alaikum warah matullahi wabarakaatuh


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